Behind The Scenes Video Midland, TX

by | Jun 4, 2023 | Video Production

Hello everyone this is Ben Raigoza with Lightning Bilt. This is a behind the scenes video. We’ll speed through a timelapse of me loading tripods, stands, lenses, lights etc etc. I know it’s alot of packing maybe overpacking but you never know what your going to need.

Today’s project is a video shoot in Midland, Texas.

Client requested standard 4k broadcast with video straight out of the camera. The client will handle post production.

Here’s my friend Danny Barrera with DRB Media Communications Digital News. I asked him to help out on this project.

Behind The Scenes Video Production started at Centennial Park

As you can see, we are shooting video at Centennial Park in down town Midland. We shot different actors in different scenes and we used a green screen as well. At the next location, we shot video in a kitchen. We used some small but powerful led lights to fill in and minimize shadows. Here’s Danny with a rigged up wireless boom mic.

Thanks for watching. This is Lightning Bilt Creative Studio.

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