Odessa Golden Dragons | Odessa, Texas

Rebuilt their website and created social media images for their Facebook page. Created new logo with a martial arts vibe and recovered the dragon image from an old printed shirt the owner had gotten custom made. Photographed and recorded training sessions for their social media outreach to increase reach and recruit new students. They have recently seen an increase in interest from the local community and were recently featured on a local news show.

Website / Social Media


Here’s some of the photographs that were taken in Instructor’s classroom. The instructor, Sifu BJ Lincoln, is teaching how to perform Tai Chi Chuan.


Recorded video of the Instructor, Sifu BJ Lincoln, showing in detail the steps in the following Tai Chi Chuan forms.

For more info about Odessa Golden Dragons Tai Chi Chuan please visit their website at odessagoldendragons.com and their Facebook page.