Caliche Plus Feature Image

Caliche Plus | Odessa, Texas

Caliche Plus is based out of Odessa, TX. We worked with the owner to create a website that gives information on the types of aggregate material they sell.

For their logo, we made a simple logo that is easily recognizable and can be used on letterhead, invoice and office correspondence. All logos, are created as vector files, so that they can easily be scaled up and not lose resolution.

On the website, we listed their location and phone number. We also set up a basic email service for the owner & employees through their webhosting company,

We worked together and came up with an easy simple video panning from right to left, showing how caliche material is made. The video shows large unrefined rocks being fed into crushers and separators which then separate the different sizes of caliche aggregate material. Each of these different types of material is used in commercial, real estate, and roads. 

Image of Caliche Plus Website
Logo of Caliche Plus
Map to Caliche Plus location


Here’s several photos of their location, vehicles, equipment and caliche aggregate material that can be used in promoting their company. 

Aggregate Caliche Material
Equipment used in paving caliche
Industrial Equipment
Caliche being loaded


After recording the video, we added text showcasing the different sizes of aggregate material.

You can see the original video without text here.

For more information on Caliche Plus services please visit calicheplus.com.