LBJ Elementary | Odessa, Texas

For this commercial, we were hired by Dr. Zenovia Crier, the Principal of Lyndon B Johnson Elementary School. We created a commercial that promotes the school.

We recorded professional video and audio from the principal, professional educators (teacher & coach), a parent and a pair of very excited kids. We made sure that the interviewers felt at ease and comfortable in letting the viewers know about the educational opportunities available and their personal experiences. We helped guide the interviews so that we could be as efficient as possible and cause minimal interruption in the school’s schedule. Wireless microphones were used so that we could record high quality audio.

We made sure that additional video footage was recorded in a way that protects the privacy of the students. Select video footage and images of students that were  used in production were previously allowed by the parents and verified by the teachers and principal.

We are grateful for the opportunity to help showcase the incredible teaching that is happening at Lyndon B. Johnson Elementary.