Ron Kirby CPA Website Project

Ron Kirby CPA | Odessa, Texas

Created their website to help Ron Kirby, CPA promote their accounting and auditing services in West Texas. They are a West Texas Certified Public Accounting Firm.

We updated their logo for their website. First, we scanned their business card and opened it up in Adobe Illustrator and from there we rebuilt their logo as a scalable vector file. A vector file can infinitely adjust in size without losing resolution.The owner can have large format posters with a logo that will always appear sharp and clean.

Above all, we made sure the website matched their calm professional office atmosphere and Hawaiian Shirts. Yes, the owner is known for wearing Hawaiian Shirts!

For more information about Ron Kirby CPA please visit RonKirbyCPA.com.

Website & Logo

Image of Ron Kirby CPA Website
Ron Kirby CPA logo
Ron Kirby CPA Logo