Do I need professional business photos for my website?

by | Jan 17, 2022 | Photography, Web Design

Professional business photos for your website are a great investment!

Why? Photos build trust.

Professionally shot images of your products, building, staff gives your business the look you deserve. As good as phone cameras are today, they still don’t compare to images provided by professional photographers.

Dr. Mehaffey and Back Pain Institute Team business photo

Back Pain Institute Website & Photography

Company photos of the owner/CEO and staff are the most viewed images on a website.

Business owners are surprised how many potential customers visit their “About Us” web page. Photos show a company’s teamwork, professionalism, and friendliness. A quality, professional headshot of the owner/CEO allows people to connect. It shows respect, authority, and that you are paying attention. So make sure to have atleast one photo of yourself and your team.

Product photo of Caposaldo Sparkling Peach wine 750 ml

Examples of Product Photography for Pinkie’s Inc.

Heavy Duty Loader loading gravel on to trailer

Examples of Industrial Services Photography

Product & Services Photography

What do you sell and/or what services do you offer? A potential customer will judge your products and services based on quality of the photo. A professionally shot image, gives the impression that you are offering quality products and services. A bad photo, can then cause a potential customer to not take your company serious. Therefore, bad photos equals potentially bad products and services.

business photo of Back Pain Institute Building

Featured Project | Back Pain Institute Website & Photography

Business / Location Photography

The company location needs to have photos that look good. The last thing your business needs is a bad photo because of weather (sandstorms, rain, snow etc.), traffic, crowds, or an outdated photo. A great time to photograph your business is immediately after a remodel, new paint and/or a new sign installation. A professional photo promotes your business!

Actual company photographs vs stock photography.

If you’re in a hurry, sure stock photography can fill in for now. First, you need to be very careful that the images at least resemble your local area. Second, make sure that they look believable. Finally, If you live in a flat part of the state, don’t place pictures with mountains in the background.

Sony A7iii - our favorite camera for business photos, portraits, products, events, individuals, and videos.

One of our favorite cameras for photography

Don’t fall for it: a smartphone still can’t replace a professional camera.

No lie, most smart phones are very convenient. You can quickly take a photo or video and post to your social media. You can easily send funny photos of your dog to your friends and family. But, the camera flash on a phone is limited. The light is harsh and is still not fast enough to avoid blurry images. The camera on the phone is also not sensitive enough for low light images.

A professional camera can shoot high quality low light images. It can use multiple flash accessories to light up an entire scene. With different lenses and filters, you can photograph in broad daylight with actual blue skies. You can capture action photos in mid air. And best of all, nice sharp images of your subject. Professional photographers will have a variety of flashes, lens, and setups to take professional photos of your business.

In conclusion, make sure to use professional photos for your business.

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