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Don’t just exist online, thrive! Launch your future-proof website with Lightning Bilt’s professional web design. We create websites that grow with your business, showcasing your services, products, and capabilities. More than just a digital storefront, a well-crafted website fosters engagement and guides visitors towards contacting you.

Web Design

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Make a Lasting Impression!

In today’s digital world, your website is your storefront. Make a lasting impression with stunning web design that’s both beautiful and functional. Our team crafts user-friendly websites that not only showcase your brand but also convert visitors into customers. We’ll help you tell your story, navigate easily, and stand out from the competition.

Let’s build a website that works as hard as you do. 

A successful web design requires an understanding of how users interact with a website. This includes factors such as navigation, page loading speed, and user experience. A web designer must also be aware of the latest trends in web design.

What we do:

  • Future-proof your website
  • Impress Search Engines
  • Unique custom web development
  • Company logo/branding
  • Built-in SEO best practices
  • Responsive
  • Photography / Video Options
  • And we can hand code for a truly unique design

Experience Building Websites

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Experience and Ingenuity

Generally, web designing can be a very involved process that requires experience and ingenuity. It involves the design of elements such as layout, graphics, color, and font. In addition, building a website involves coding. Coding is the process of writing code to create, edit, or customize the website’s functionality.

Despite there being more website builders, many use basic or a limited set of themes with limited options. Web design therefore requires knowledge of HTML, CSS, and other programming languages. Our custom coding can help provide a more unique website even in web themes or web templates. 

Types of Websites

Standard Websites

A Standard Website consist of the following pages: home, about, services (or products), contact, and privacy page. The Home Page introduces your organization to the world containg an  overview with links to other pages for more info, contact info, and social media. The About Page contains info about the company, founders, partners, history and vision for the organization. The Services Page contains information about services or products offered. The Contact page shows how website visitors should contact you. It can also contain a contact form.  The Privacy Policy Page is lets users know about how you collect and handle their personal data.

To sum up, a Standard Website is best for most organizations and businesses. Depending on your goals, you may have different needs, therefore requiring more pages with more in-depth information.

Single-Page Websites

A Single-Page Website condenses all content onto a single page. The sections are ussually: an Intro, About, Services (products), and Contact. Users navigate to different sections by scrolling vertically or using anchor links which cause the browser to automatically scroll the the section. These sections do not require in depth infomation as the point of this kind of website is to load quickly. Users scroll to sections to verify or get enough information to make a decision. A small contact form, a map with directions and easy to understand contact information is used.

Hence, a Single-Page Website is an ideal choice for not only new and small businesses, but also for organizations that may have limited initial budgets. In the future, this website can be expanded into a Standard Website with more in depth information.



Business Websites

We build websites for small and large businesses. A Business Website’s goal is to make profit. It represents your business online and is working 24/7. You want a business website that provides as much information as needed to encourage a visitor to become a client. The visitors should quickly understand who you are and what you are selling. A well designed website with high quality visuals and graphics builds trust and credibility. Additionally, testimonials, reviews, and logos from trusted clients or partners can go a long way in building trust with potential customers.

Ultimately, a Business Website acts as a powerful workforce for your business, bringing in new customers and boosting sales 24/7. Compared to traditional marketing, a website is a cost-effective way to reach a large audience.



Organization Websites

We have experience building websites for nonprofits and organizations. These websites raise awareness about the organization’s mission, solicit donations, and connect with volunteers. These websites provide resources and benefits to members, as well as communication and collaborations. A well designed website should showcase your brand identity and values, as this builds trust. A website that creates a positive first impression, conveys professionalism, trustworthiness, and competence.

In brief, an Organization Website is a powerful tool for non-profits to spread awareness, raise funds, attract volunteers, and build a strong online presence. It can be the key to amplifying your impact and achieving your organizational goals.



Website Services

Responsive Websites

All of our websites are designed to be responsive. A responsive website can scale down from a full size desktop to a mobile device. Today 70% of users view websites with their mobile device and therefore websites need to be be able to scale down and load quickly. Therefore, we design websites that are tailored to the needs of not just desktop users but also mobile users that use cell phones and tablets. This includes designing for touchscreens, creating navigation that is easy to use, and optimizing images for mobile devices.

Google rewards web design develpment that is responsive. It’s a checkbox in the Google algorithm. So if your competitor has it and you don’t, all the best SEO tactics in the world won’t matter. Ultimately you want your website to be seen by everyone on any device size.

Photography / Video

Photography and video are crucial for business websites because they speak volumes without people having to read lengthy text. High quality visuals are more likely to grab a visitor’s attention than text alone. In other words, great looking visuals can make visitors linger on your website and explore further. Photography and Video can evoke emotions and create a feeling or mood associated with your brand. This is powerful for building brand recognition and loyalty. Professional photograps and videos can showcase your products or services in the best light. Videos are excellent tools for story telling, allowing you to connect with visitors.

Photography and Video showcases your company culture, explain your services or products, or share testimonials.

Search Engine Optimization

All of our websites are built with Search engine optimization (SEO) standards. SEO is the practice of optimizing websites to improve their visibility in search engine results. SEO involves creating content that is optimized for search engines, as well as optimizing the structure and design of the website. In fact, when your website ranks higher in search results for relevant keywords, your website appears more often and earlier in search results. This will help more people find your business online.

SEO is implemented in all of our websites. When build your website we always follow the latest standards for SEO optimization.

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Featured Projects


Karla Ortiz

For Karla Ortiz, a Professional Educator, we created a fun and professional website that’s inspired from her experience in education. She gave us an A+ for her website!

Karla Ortiz - featured web design project


Ron Kirby, CPA

For Ron Kirby, a West Texas certified public accounting firm, we've tailored a minimalist and trendy website that matches their calm tropical office atmosphere.

Ron Kirby CPA - featured web project


Desert Oasis RV Park

For this unique RV Park, we created a website offers immediate information and features about their business. Taking inspiration from West Texas’ beautiful sunsets, this web design captures the spirit of their company.

Desert Oasis RV Park - featured web project


Raising Hale Ranch

We created a website that allows for "Keeping Texas History & Tradition Alive" in ranching. The website provides info on their cattle breed quality, that are available for purchase by other ranchers and individuals as yard art. They also sell mini donkeys!

Raising Hale Ranch - featured web project


Passit Logistics

Alex Nuñez, a West Texas Entreprenuer, inquired about a new web design for his company. We rebuilt his website to highlight his company's professional & safe transportation services that are available 24/7.

Passit Logistics - featured project

Reasons for a Website

Websites help a business look legit.

With no website, potential customers might see your business as too small or new to be trustworthy. Understandably, startups often have limited budgets and prioritize essential operational costs. However, a website can be a cost-effective way to establish your presence and promote your offerings, ultimately leading to increased profitability.

A website promotes 24/7

Customers often research services at their convenience. In fact, many search online after dinner or late at night. While most businesses have limited operating hours, your website is always open for business, 24/7. As a result, your business looks like it has its own flashing neon sign that’s always on. Potential customers can learn about your offerings on their own schedule, increasing the likelihood they’ll remember you when they’re ready to make a purchase.

Compete with your competition.

An online presence allows you to connect with potential customers actively searching for your products or services. Showcase your offerings with high-quality visuals and detailed descriptions to stand out from the competition. Go beyond simply listing features; highlight the benefits that resonate with your target audience.

Why stop there?

A website breaks down geographical barriers. Customers who can’t find the services or products they need locally, can now discover your offerings. In fact, if you’re the only business in your region with a strong online presence, you’ll have a significant advantage. Your website becomes a gateway to a whole new customer base, extending far beyond your city limits.

In conclusion, all businesses should have a website, no matter its size or age.