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A website makes your presence known online. It’s how you communicate your servicesl It shows off your products and capabilities. Most importantly a well made website guides your visitors to not only engage but to take action and contact you.

Responsive Web Design

responsive web design that fits desktops, laptops and mobile devices

From Desktop to Mobile Device

We offer custom responsive web production for your business that can scale down from a full size desktop to a mobile device. Today 70% of users view websites with their mobile device and it needs to be ready and accessible. Therefore, designing responsive websites involves creating an experience that is tailored to the needs of mobile users. This includes designing for touchscreens, creating navigation that is easy to use, and optimizing images for mobile devices.

Google rewards web design develpment that is responsive. It’s a checkbox in the Google algorithm. So if your competitor has it and you don’t, all the best SEO tactics in the world won’t matter. Ultimately you want your website to be seen by everyone on any device size.

Experience Building Websites

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Experience and Ingenuity

Web design can be a very involved process that requires experience and ingenuity. It involves the design of elements such as layout, graphics, color, and font. In addition, building a website involves coding. Coding is the process of writing code to create, edit, or customize the website’s functionality.

Despite there being more website builders, many use basic or a limited set of themes. Our custom coding can help provide a more unique website even in web themes or web templates. Web design therefore requires knowledge of HTML, CSS, and other programming languages.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO search engine optimization

Online Visibility

All of our websites are built with Search engine optimization (SEO) standards. SEO is the practice of optimizing websites to improve their visibility in search engine results. SEO involves creating content that is optimized for search engines, as well as optimizing the structure and design of the website.

Web Design

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A successful web design requires an understanding of how users interact with a website. This includes factors such as navigation, page loading speed, and user experience. A web designer must also be aware of the latest trends in web design, such as responsive design, flat design, and animation.

What we do:

  • Future-proof your website
  • Impress Search Engines
  • Unique custom web development
  • Company logo/branding
  • Built-in SEO best practices
  • Responsive
  • And we can hand code for a truly unique design
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There is a difference between us and our competitors. We listen to our clients and we work hard at leveling up.

Featured Projects


Ron Kirby, CPA

For Ron Kirby, a West Texas certified public accounting firm, we've tailored a minimalist and trendy website that matches their calm tropical office atmosphere.

Ron Kirby CPA - featured web project


Desert Oasis RV Park

For this unique RV Park, we created a website offers immediate information and features about their business. Taking inspiration from West Texas’ beautiful sunsets, this web design captures the spirit of their company.

Desert Oasis RV Park - featured web project


Raising Hale Ranch

We created a website that allows for "Keeping Texas History & Tradition Alive" in ranching. The website provides info on their cattle breed quality, that are available for purchase by other ranchers and individuals as yard art. They also sell mini donkeys!

Raising Hale Ranch - featured web project


Passit Logistics

Alex Nuñez, a West Texas Entreprenuer, inquired about a new web design for his company. We rebuilt his website to highlight his company's professional & safe transportation services that are available 24/7.

Passit Logistics - featured project

Reasons for a Website

Websites help a business look legit.

Without a website, your business can be seen as too small or too new to trust. Many when they first start a business, they are small and only have a budget for essential services to run a business. As a result, the budget is small and efficient until business picks up. Even so, having a website can not only help establish quickly that you are open for business but it can help promote the services you are offering. This then can help increase the amount of profit your business can earn.

A website promotes 24/7

Most people research a service when it’s convenient. In fact many search online after dinner or in the middle of the night. Most businesses have set hours Monday thru Friday. Company website is running 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, non-stop. As a result your business looks like it has its own flashing neon sign! Now that customer will remember to look for you the next day.

Compete with your competition.

Being online allows potential customers to find you. Stand out online by showcasing products and services you company offers. Obviously, you can strive to give better details and images of the products you are offering than your competition. 

Why stop there?

You can reach new clients beyond your local area. Potential customers may not find the services and products they require in their town. In fact if you are the only one in your larger geographical area with a website, you are a step ahead. Now that you’re online, you can potentially acquire those new clients beyond your city.

In conclusion, all businesses should have a website, no matter its size or age.