Every Business Needs A Website.

by | Jan 8, 2022 | Web Design

Customers will visit a website before making a decision.

Credibility, that’s what customers look for. An online presence shows the quality of a company and if they are worthy of trust. In other words, a website shows you have a legitimate business.

Website for Ron Kirby, CPA - ronkirbycpa.com


Real website, real business.

Websites help a business look legit. With out a website, your business can be seen as too small or too new to trust. Many people when they first start a business they are small and second they keep their budgets small/efficient until business picks up. Having a website can help establish quickly that you are open for business.

What if you’ve been in business for many years and yet no website? Despite having physical location, that company can seem out of touch and not keeping up by not having an online presence. Meanwhile, your competitor has posted the type of services offered, photos, store hours, contact info, maps and even online specials.

Having your business online, means you are open for business. Before the internet, people looked up services in the phonebook. Today, everyone looks up everything online. Therefore, what are you waiting for?

Sign displaying Open 24 hours

A website promotes 24/7.

Most people research services when it’s convenient and that can be after dinner or in the middle of the night. A business may have set hours Monday thru Friday, however that website is running 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, non-stop. It’s like having your own flashing neon sign!

Compete with your competition.

Being online allows potential customers to find you.  Stand out online by showcasing products and services your company offers. Build trust by placing photos of your business and yourself.

Why stop there? You can reach new customers beyond your local area. Potential customers may not find the services and products they require in their town. Now that you’re online, you can acquire new customers beyond your city.

In conclusion, all businesses should have a website, no matter its size or age.

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